7 Reasons Why a Wedding Planner is a Good Value

You just got engaged and the excitement of the coming event is heightened by the fun of combing through magazines for the perfect dress, the most beautiful decoration ideas, and all the details you can't wait to incorporate into your wedding. Then, you realize that you not only must find a florist, photographer, calligrapher, caterer, venue and other vendors, but you'll have to coordinate their work and manage them on the day of your wedding - the day you're supposed to be enjoying, not working.

Fortunately, the ultimate goal of a wedding coordinator is to make planning your wedding stress-free and to ensure that your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. In fact, there are seven benefits of hiring a coordinator that make this goal possible.

1. You have access to vendors that best meet your needs

Over years and countless wedding, planners have developed long-term relationships with vendors they respect and trust. When you work with a planner, you have access to highly qualified and experienced florists, bakers, DJs, photographers and other vendors that would be hard to find on your own.

You get to pick which vendors you like best from the planner's carefully chosen network.Or your coordinator will work to find one for you. What's more, a wedding consultant can guide you to the vendors and services who best match your taste and style.

2. You have a manager for your vendors

More vendors than you might first think will be involved in your wedding: a tent supplier, florist, caterer, band, sound equipment service, officiant, calligrapher, printer and more. Each one needs instructions, selections, schedules, payment plans, arrival times and location information.

Your coordinator arranges meetings with vendors and organizes details such as when payments must be made, when design decions must be finalized, when colors must be chosen, and when supplies need to be ordered. You never have to worry about these details. You can be involved in the planning to the degree that you wish. You can leave the other details to the planner.

3. You save time

You get to concentrate on fun activities such as finding your dress, addressing invitations,and planning the honeymoon. The planner worries about the mundane details like schedules, meetings, and budget that take up your precious time and energy. The coordinator will do the research and legwork necessary. You can focus on the aspects of the planning that you enjoy.

4. You save money

A coordinator will help you establish and maintain a budget to ensure that your priorities are met. She will also advise you in creative ways to curtail expenses. Since coordinators have long-standing relationships with vendors, you often get a better deal than if you were to negotiate a vendor contract on your own.

5. You benefit from the planner's skills and experience

Planners coordinate many weddings all year, every year. They know what works and what doesn't. They also know etiquette rules and little details that you may have never thought of.

What's more, with a coordinator, you get assistance in deciphering the fine print in vendor contracts to avoid wedding day surprises such as "What do you mean silverware is not included?"

6. You can enjoy the wedding day with little stress

From the first stages of planning to the reception, a wedding coordinator will keep track of every detail. When it gets close to the wedding and guests are calling for information, groomsmen are having tux issues, vendors are asking for payments and they all need schedules and answers, it's easier to pass the problems on to someone you trust, someone with experience.

7. You have a go-to person on your wedding day

From last-minute dress repairs to helping the best man find a misplaced ring, a wedding coordinator will be your "point person" for all the little emergencies that inevitably pop up during the wedding day. This way none of the problems come to you.

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